Day Tours.

Prices are subject to possible fuel surcharges.

Essential: Bookings by prior arrangement only.

Roter Kamm Day Excursion

Experience the magic of wide open spaces of the Tsau//Khaeb Park, the former Sperrgebiet, characteristic for the southern Pro-Namib, with herds of roaming game, culminating in a visit to the Roter Kamm Impact Crater & Africa Rock.

This trip can last up to 8 hours, depending on game occurrence, weather and guest fervour. Lunch & Refreshments included.

Allow for at least a 1 week timeframe for permit application procedures.

Departure time: 8 h 00 at Bahnhof Hotel - minimum 4 pax - N$ 3300 p.p.

Aus and Surrounds

(1 to 1½ hrs)

Get a vivid introduction to the origins of Aus and to many of the history-laden points of interest surrounding the little town.

Duration: 1 to 1 ½ hours N$ 295.00 p.p.

Sundowner Tour

(3 to 3½ hrs)

This is something special: a little bit of the past, a little bit of the present by being introduced to the history-laden points of interest, and a lot of „take home“ impressions, photos and reminiscence of the moment when the day comes to an impressive and enchanting end at an exceptional sundowner spot.

Snacks & Drinks are included.

Departure times: 15 h 30 (Winter) 17 h 15 (Summer) N$ 415.00 p.p.

Bushman Paintings and more …

(Half Day Tour)

Visit a farm close by and see minute Rock Art (Bushman) paintings, a large variety of Rock Engravings (Petroglyphs), tap on a sounding rock which is thought to have characteristics of an ancestoral gathering place.

View collections of 225 to 250 Mio years old fossils found in the vicinity, which are found only at three other locations in the world, being New Foundland in Canada, in New Zealand and Russia. If desired lunch can be pre-arranged with the farm owner.

Duration: 6 hrs, Refreshments included N$ 975.00 p.p.

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