Roter Kamm Day Trip B

This trip begins in Rosh Pinah

Departure will be at 9h00 from the Four Seasons Lodge in Rosh Pinah in a closed game viewing vehicle. 

The first stop will be at the Obib Fountain, a relic of the early sixties, when the government awarded many drought stricken farmers access to emergency grazing and water within the confines of the Diamond Sperrgebiet.

Heading nothwards we pass the colourful mine dumps of the erstwhile Scorpion Zinc Mine, which was for a number of years the biggest Zinc Oxide Mine of the world.

Borehole 5 is a good illustration of the mechanics of yesteryear, which the farmers utilized to extract water from below the desert surface for their livestock.

Borehole 4 is a watering point for the game in the area, likewise a remnant of earlier emergency grazing facilities. Folklore wants to have it that at times there were approximately  11 000 sheep stationed around the precinct of this borehole.

After about 12 km`s we approach the highlight of the trip: the Aurus Mountains. Here  a 90 minute hike has to be done, between endemic plants and other rare plants, some of which require a trained eye to discover. At the highest point there is an upright stone, through whose Africa-shaped “peephole” you can get an impressive view of the Roter Kamm Impact Crater, which still lies about 12 kms away.

At noon we will have a small snack, which will be taken somewhere outdoors, depending on the time of the day, the wind or the landscape we are in at that stage.

From here it takes about an hour and a half drive to the Roter Kamm Crater itself, where you can trudge or climb up to the crater rim.

This crater is the best preserved specimen of its kind, because it is predominantly covered by dune sand.

On the way back to Rosh Pinah you might see the Albino Oryx, which lives in this area.

Arrival at at Four Seasons Lodge should be during the early afternoon.