Roter Kamm Day Trip A

This trip begins at Aus.

Departure will be at 8h00 from the Bahnhof Hotel in Aus and we travel on asphalt road C 13 towards Rosh Pinah in a closed game viewing vehicle.  After about 60 km we head west over private farm land, along river courses through barren but always varied landscapes to the Tsau//Khaeb Park border.

In the park we move along predefined routes through vast desert landscapes, which always offer something interesting and new due to their endless horizons and changing wildlife.

Clay pans, overgrown dunes, gravel plains are some of the impressions this part of the Namib Desert has to offer.

Since this landscape has been a restricted area for almost one hundred years, nature is still very much in its original state and it should be everyone`s endeavour to keep it that way.

After about 60 km we approach the highlight of the trip: the Aurus Mountains. Here  a 90 minute hike has to be done, between endemic plants and other rare plants, some of which require a trained eye to discover. At the highest point there is an upright stone, through whose Africa-shaped “peephole” you can get an impressive view of the Roter Kamm Impact Crater, which still lies about 12 kms away.

At noon we will have a small snack, which will be taken somewhere outdoors, depending on the time of the day or the landscape we are in at that stage.

From here it takes about an hour and a half drive to the Roter Kamm Crater itself, where you can trudge or climb up to the crater rim.

For the return trip eastward which starts here, it takes just under 90 minutes to get back to the C13 tar road to Aus at Witpütz, a former police station. On the 120 km long stretch back to Aus, you have enough time to reflect on what you have seen and muse over your experience:

A piece of landscape, whose impressions not many people have been privileged to see and experience … !

Intended arrival at the Bahnhof Hotel is at 16h00, which could possibly be prolonged a bit because of intermediate stops / photo sessions along the route.

This trip commences only with a minimum of 4 participants, unless the full price for 4 pax   is paid.

Prices on request.