Aus Desert Tours was established in 2011 and is presently located in the small village of Aus in the far southwestern corner of Namibia, conducting its tours and activities from the historic Bahnhof Hotel.

Day Tours.

These shorter tours can be completed in a day, and typically depart from and return to Bahnof Hotel Aus.


A gallery of images taken by Bernd and some of our guests.

Narabos Tour (NB)
4 Days

NB117 to 20 April
NB226 to 29 April
NB322 to 25 July
NB413 to 16 August
NB51 to 4 October
NB620 to 23 November

Faces of the Namib Tour (FON)
5 Days

FON110 to 14 May
FON24 to 8 June
FON39 to 13 July
FON42 to 7 September
FON521 to 25 October

Southern Adventure Tour (SAT)
6 Days

SAT15 to 10 April
SAT224 to 29 May
SAT324 to 29 June
SAT42 to 7 August
SAT521 to 26 September
SAT64 to 9 November

Let’s talk.

Let’s talk.